Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Attitude on Money - The hiding monster under the rug.


My Attitude on Money

This week as assignments we read Attitude on Money by Stephen W. Gibson. I as the author Stephen W. Gibson share the  similar scope or lenses toward money;  I don’t believe money is evil but does,  when acquired, it emphasizes what the individual already is within; my husband for the contrary his opinion on money is completely seen in a different aspect and this is why some days in our home, money turns into the hiding monster under the rug.

  • What is your attitude toward money?

MY attitude toward money is  it is an instrument to accomplish certain goals, plans, dreams. I had always seen “money” as an exchanging and moving it around. It doesn’t belong to me; as I am only the instrument to reach for it and place  where it needs to be placed for needs or assistance of some sort. 

  What I like most of the money aspect is the freedom of thinking and material worrisome  that liberates you when in the right stage of mind. I had seen productivity flow and great projects had come to fruition when the economical aspect of everyday living is not the first thing in my mind. I know this is sometimes hard to explain to people that live in a day-to-day  basis without  knowing what they will bring to the table next day. One of the programs closed to my heart from the Church is the Self Reliance; this has been some of my favorites since early age and now that I see this same principles expanding to lessons online and apps is such a blessing to the world because is accessible and everyone can benefit of such teachings; such  a blessing to families in so much need to see beyond a scope that is been set from generations past.

 I had seen miracles taking from these lessons and teachings, I had witnessed the power of the Spirit and blessings of heavenly Father when these simple principles are followed with humbleness, faith and discipline.

  • How can your view of money affect the way you live?

I am conscious that we as  family only need so much to live a comfortable life; everything else is on savings or investment; if done properly this can generate enough sustainable income to help you serve and do other things around without worry about everyday first necessities for family or home.

We have a setup budget and when that budget is surpasses, we had learned to talk about its whiteout getting upset or frustrated. This approach  had to be learned as is very difficult in couples at times. The curse of Personal finances from the church helped my husband and I to progress on this aspect as his scope of money is completely different from mine …and that has been the challenge. 

I am teaching my son the basis of managing finances with prudence, managing money does require certain discipline as I had learned throughout my years and  not because income comes in, we must spend it right away. I had created a challenge for my son  to hold on his spending money the longest he can before making a purchase; most of the time that purchase that he expressed wanted so much, that impulsive action vanishes as time passes by while he keeps his money longer; he has the joy to be saving for college and seeing his “teen checking account” get bigger little by little throughout the year as he knows and has the understanding that he can make use of those funds any time. But once spend, they are gone and better be smart on or material  “wants”, “needs” and must to haves in life.  

  • What rules are recommended for prospering?

The article in this week talks about six rules for prospering and when  they are followed, we will feel and see blessings in our life:

Rule 1. Seek the Lord and have hope in him.

Rule2. Keep the commandments, that includes the temporal ones, tithing and fast offerings. 

Rule 3. Think about money and plan how you can become self-reliant.

 Rule 4. Take advantage of chances for learning so you will not be ignorant of these matters. Education, as President Hinckley has taught us, is the Key to Opportunity. 

Rule 5. Learn the laws upon which the blessings of wealth are predicated. 

Rule 6. Do not send away the naked, the hungry, the thirsty or the sick or those who are held captive.

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