Monday, March 8, 2021

BORED LLAMAS no energy to create (From graphite pencil to outline silhouette to digital creation).

 Driving yourself to create something by inspiration may seem a simple task but to continuing creating every day is a self-discipline that needs to be acquired. Every day  is a new day and a new opportunity to try something new, to explore and experiment on those giving talents and learned skills you are honing, and while you dare … have fun in the process.

 This video will walk you through my experience in not feeling the creative bug nor energy to work on my multiple pending projects laying on my art studio; the solution: To grabs my sketchbook and force myself to do few llama sketches on pencil and then outlined with micron pen ink, finally to scanned them and play with the outlined sketches digitally in photoshop. Hope you like the results.

Real time artist sketching llamas.

Sketch book. 

Eraser brand used: Vanish - Four in One Eraser. 

Pencil drawing: Blick’s studio2B

Pigma Micron 08 archival ink.

Llamas Peruvian

 llamas alpacas

 standing llamas, 

laying down portrait llama

Llama tail 

 behind bud llama.

Ines Miller llama paintings

Inspiration llama drawing

Artist blockage sketch book magic

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