Thursday, October 29, 2020

Autumn Surreal art pumpkin man tuxedo cat flying kite, vampire bat autumn leaves - Ines Miller Art.
Autumn Surreal art pumpkin man tuxedo cat flying kite, vampire bat autumn leaves - Ines Miller Art.
Born from a corner of my imagination and presented for your delight. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Week 7 Moving Forward with a Driving Passion


This week we viewed as part of our lesson Jim Ritchie video clip where he mentions the 7 Habits of Highly effective people written by Stephen R. Covey which are:

1.Be proactive

2.Begin with the end in mind

3.First things First

4.Think “win-win”

5.First seek to understand, then to be understood

6.Create Synergy

7.Sharpen the Saw

Which of the 7 habits has the most meaning for me?

The first habit mentioned “Be proactive” has more significance, personally because I lack this practice as most of my life, I had been reactive, getting easily sidetracked and on many occasions not thinking about the proper answer or action taken because I failed in taking the time to analyze the situation. I will love to work on this aspect of my personal and professional area.

Why will the 7 habits help you fill your life with passion and purpose as I seek to achieve both a private and public victory?

Practicing these 7 habits and incorporating them into my personal life will help me to gain focus, certainly, in my goals and projects I wish to accomplish. To find our passion in this earth is our primordial duty in our life, to accomplish any goal or personal development. If we align our passion with our goal, monetary success will come. Searching within ourselves how can we serve humanity, what can we do to help people based on our talents, skills, and passion and create a business plan based on those findings will be the ultimate goal as business success as personal fulfillment will most likely come hand to hand.

A powerful inspiring talk by our prophet Gordon B Hinckley, reminding us to keep true to ourselves and always remember our divine path and mission as an eternal being, to always remember to walk our moral standards and do good around us, to remember our commitment to heavenly father and to be an example and help others in our path. Being prepared and taking advantage of secular learning as times are already changing, the speech was offered in 2015 and now we are witnessing many things told on that talk coming to pass as people losing their jobs, the need to prepare in other skills and careers, evil openly and unmask for the youth. My favorite remark on this talk was when he mentions “ Forgiveness is a mark of divinity” I may have to create a plaque and hang it in my studio. I hope someday to be able to forgive completely and forgive myself as well in the process.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

African Grey Parrot Paper Greeting Cards Age Specific - Congo African Grey Parrot - Ines Miller Art Designs

African grey parrots, are one of the smartest and talkative feathery friends and are an Old-World parrot in the family Psittacidae. Their inquisitive spirit makes them a joy to interact with.

 I created this congo cfrican grey greeting card design with parrot owners in mind, inside the greeting card inscription reads:

“Well, I didn't get you a screaming parrot…So, You should have a-rockin' squawkin' and  great flappin' fun. Happy Birthday!”

You can find this African grey card from the simple plain parrot design to the age specific.


Card with polka dot border original parrot card design by Ines Miller. Greeting Card may be personalized for invitation, announcement, name or phrase of your choice. Add your own photo or company logo contact Artist directly  if you have any questions or inquiries.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Reflection on week 6 and my entrepreneurial mind.



My entry this time is based on reflection upon this week and to describe my individual learning experiences.

We view several concepts on entrepreneurship such as preparing ourselves for eternal life, acquiring self-discipline, self-control and mastery, the concept of perception on becoming an entrepreneur, career and family, the importance to remember, and keep our loyalty to God and family, and more. In the middle of that treasure chest full of information gems, there is A great article written by Amar Bhide in “How entrepreneurs craft”. The article resonates with me as I am more intrepid than my husband when comes to description making; This article points many aspects which I had done in one way or another.

I am quick to evaluate and if something feels good, I will proceed and do it. That has carried me to many unsuccessful ventures, very surprising outcomes, and troubles that could have avoided otherwise. Despite all those many unsuccessful ventures my husband has never stopped me to continue venturing into small business opportunities. I would like to have a budget establish for these ventures which I probably call it “ Play money” A financial savings that do not interfere with our family budget and child responsibilities, as I see business opportunities in every situation perhaps most of them are not fructiferous or the perfect candidates for a long-established venue but I keep these ideas coming in my mind and write them in my journal. Analysis and strategy are a must, the importance to keep ethical and morally high standards at any given moment in our personal life and business ventures.

  • What are you looking forward to learning and experiencing?

I love learning new things, this class has been so much fun for me and the amount of information taken from this curse has forever changed my life. I guess started my life backward but it has been a wonderful life.  This year I will turn 50, half of a century to get to this stage in life. I had decided to pursued college in a long path of many years ahead due to family, work, and everything else in between but I want to take the “gift” Heavenly Father has set in front of me; I want to be awe and surprise by the discovery of new concepts never perceived before and to apply them to improve in my personal life and business aspects.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Is there any easy way to organize all these ideas?


The books I had read last week for my business class assignment  are of incredible information with the potential to cause an extraordinary transformation within if the opportunity to change is taken; the two books read are Mastery by George Leonard and "Launching Leaders" book written by Steven A. Hintz I had made many notes, and highlight many areas in the books that resonate with me.

By going thru the words of these two books I confirm to myself about my calling, my passion in life, and my purpose of my existence on this earth as I had always resonated around animals and art and I have been blessed thru the years to be able to work in both fields for three decades now. However, there are still unending goals of service and give back that I feel are not yet accomplish due to lack of preparation, dedication, or focus;  I can merge those three concepts will be my ultimate goal. Not having any ideas or having too many ideas I guess can be either way can be catalepsy for stress. Centering oneself, become in unity with our essence can help us to find our center, that balance in our existence that has the divine gift leads us to set our plan strategically.

Faith and courage to find our entrepreneurial calling, perseverance is the secret to our success. No matter life storms, trials, and heartaches we must be committed to continuing our journey to reach our calling.

 Living every moment of our life in a meaningful way after all, the purpose of our goals  is not the final destination but the transformation that goes thru in us in the process. And the same way we found role models in our path we must give back and be a role model to the new generations and so our service here on this beautiful planet has completed its spiritual growth circle 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Untangling myself from that sticky web and do what I love. 

 In the video assignment this week “ Do what you love: speaker Tom Kelley mentions the practice and habit of using a lab workbook, I like the practice of recording when do I feel my best. I want to go back into those writing and study when I felt the happiest by starting documenting those moments will lead me to simplify my life in a more grounded and balanced way to my spiritual nature. This is indeed a practice that I am implementing in my writing. 


Doing what I love …this may seem a simple concept to follow but why so many of us are so far away from our own life calling? How do we get tangle into the trap of an invisible sticky web away from our dream goal? 

Considering the main strains is the financial aspect of my living style, I need to eliminate all that unnecessary tangibles I have been surrounding my life with that had brought neither happiness nor comfort nor betterment in any way or form. 

The talk “Happy Living within our means” from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a sincere invitation of truly living within our means and enjoying the freedom financially and spiritually this practice creates, this article has so much to teach us as we adopt this simple guide and take those principles into action in our own lives, will bless us if we follow the simple concept.


This week was a fulfilling week with powerful reading assignments, pondering and self-analyzing if I am on the right track aligned with my dreams, goals, and spiritual nature. So am I living a congruent life? After finish this week assignments makes me come to the realization I am far from the goal I would love to be and be an example to my family; it's been a blessing all the knowledge and overwhelming as well, so many written notes are  making their way to my jouney notebook, lots of praying and pondering. 

 In the "Launching Leaders" book written by Steven A. Hintz He mentioned taking control of your life.

Hardship and unexpected trials help us to stop and take control of our life.

Many times we feel a sense of false insecurity blanket in the situation or jobs that we are without making any effort to change or progress until we are forced to do some action due to a sudden and drastic change happening around us. By renewing our r faith and commitment to god by shifting our perspective.

Learning and accepting that God will move us from our comfort One at any given time so we can continue our progress and flourish in the goals we are supposed to accomplish; we need to be ready and aware to recognized such opportunity and take the challenge. 


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Spirit of 2020 Virtual Art Exhibit - Inland Empire Fine Artists

Fine art might not always depict something beautiful, “cutesy” nor visually pleasant.


Art is emotive and surface from within wrapped in a forced voice that can not be dominated, control nor silence.


As creative beings we merge and blend into a paradigm of social indulgence many times pleasing, conforming, and abiding by the ever-changing times.


Still, despite the treacherous road at a time, we must walk ...We find the courage and energy to express our deepest thoughts and feelings and leaving little traces behind to posterity as a reminder our true self is not mended nor born to be silence.


We come together in union and inspiration and understanding of today's reality.


This is a collective exhibit by artists in the Inland Empire in California.


Each of us come from different background, socially and morally.

Our reality has been established by the multiple experiences and events lived.

We have lost dear ones this year, by illness, by greed, and miss understanding. We had shattered friendships and broken ties due to expressing our own emotions and feelings openly. We had been misunderstood, stereotype and, radicalized for expressing in words what we are copping for. 


 And as we move forward, our inner self has taken those experiences and transform those thoughts, emotions, and feelings and brought them to life with every stroke onto the canvas to be displayed on this 2020 Virtual art exhibit.


A humble gift from us to humanity.


We come together in union and inspiration.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Gear up and conquer your paralyzing fears.


This week we did a case study on Magdalena Yesil; what a remarkable woman, an individual from an early age with a fit solid conviction to follow his goals. She had the ability to filter those unproductive and opposing comments that would not benefit in any form or way to her and her path to reach her goals.  Breaking thru the barriers of fear, intimidation and to the unknown, she was able to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, how can we overcome it? How can we move forward when our safety mechanism has been switched to the on position protecting us from moving ahead to the questionable unknown.  Praying for strength, clarity of vision and fortitude may help us gain a clear understanding of those opportunities knocking at our door, with a clear mind, we can assess it will be the right task to persuade. How to be able to follow without losing your own identity? Those original ideas may worth someone else’s believes, twinning, and deviating from our own morals and values.

    Facing my own paralyzing fear.

I  have many fears still to confront, many of them may come due to insecurities. Years back I was unaware of my fear of heights until one day I decided to clean and change the kitchen ceiling fixtures and easily climbed at the kitchen counter; doing it so soon to realized my legs were shaky and I was petrified unable to move up or go down, I simply could not move, I waited there for almost six hours until my husband got back from work and with his help, I was able to crawl down, placed my knees on the kitchen counter as he leads me to get off the kitchen counter safely. I felt Inept, confused, frighten, and upset; my now aware phobia worsened as I was getting sweating chills and vertigo just by simply thinking about it.  It was also obstructing my job ability back then as I worked in a medical office and charge of inventory control, requiring using the latter and short step stool in my workplace. I decided to tackle this issue and phobia head-on and in our next vacation decided to climb on a zip line all the way down from the Costa Rican jungle on more than seven trees some of them were up to three storage high, getting to the treetop platform was half of the job as reality hit my consciousness I noticed most of the people on the tour were men and my feet was refusing to walk as I started being behind the group; standing on a small platform upon a tree trunk, hanging on a rope midair took a lot of courage and prayers from me, I knew everything will be fine, I was just uncertain my heart will endure.

I conscientiously acknowledged the problem; the psychological issue was causing me as after that incident I got very afraid of climbing any basic three-step stool, I was getting vertigo and dizzy spells. 

Something besides my fear guided me to do something drastic, I truly believe was the holy ghost and I just went for it as the opportunity presented. On the first tree I climbed, my horrified face, paralyzed with fear and dilated pupils can beautifully show on family pictures, after I climbed the first tree the feeling within was liberating, something changed inside me. I could look down and the fear dissipated almost miraculously.

                            You can see the pure terror in my eyes in this image!

The fear was real but something in me assured me all was going to be okay. As I stepped off the small flat platform into the air… I felt liberated, the fear was no longer there, I was up in the air gliding thru trees looking down to the canopy. Led by faith and listening to the whispers of the spirit I was able to surpass this phobia that was externalizing on physical plain making me ill.  I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the courage and strength to go thru a difficult situation.  

Other questions lingering in my mind at this moment are: When is time to let go of a project or venture? When is the time to gain the courage r to walk away? 

Elder Lynn G. Robbins in his speech “ Making a Living and a Life by”  gave a beautiful message with so much inside and inspiration about how to make a living, a good and honest living, by searching about our true nature. He also mentioned in his speech: “More serious sins involve “others” “ pride, envy and destructive competitiveness; the pleasure to be above the rest, build a good and honest living, good works that positively bless out our community”.

It always puzzles me the relationship of men with money, since an early age I had heard people saying that money is evil, money is bad, is wrong to desire to have more. From a personal point of views, I think money doesn’t change people; money only exposes what people really are; I had seen people really showing their true self when reaching the point of money success, some become more egocentric with a superior attitude above others while other become more altruist doing and helping humanity in any form they can. It is really assertive to say:  with success comes great responsibility, the responsibility to be a positive example for people around us and to give back in service, knowledge, and talents.  The opportunity we have to get an education and better ourselves with secular and spiritual knowledge is a gift to prepare ourselves to help people who will cross our paths.  

There is a great emphasis on this week about really look, pray and recognize our true selves, our true nature, and mission on this earth; what career will be followed, is that the one assigned for us or we are only following it because of the large amount of compensation we can receive. Our priorities had to be set and our values mark firmly to no device from the path. Distractions, temptations, and persuasions will arise but if remain true to our self, in constant communication with our Heavenly Father, we will know and be alert when these dangers approach us.  

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