Sunday, December 13, 2020

Entrepreneurial Journal reflection for this Semester.

Closing our semester this week, it has been an incredible journey and wide opening experience as we touch every weekly assignment, planting the seed of entrepreneurial knowledge, risk, tactics and more. If I had one final lecture to share with a group of students on what I had learned from this curse I will share the following.

Keeping the habit of documenting your life journey; adopting this practice of keeping a journal  will allow you to look into a mirror, your own reflection, your own life and growth. Mirrors don’t lie and neither does your documented thoughts and growth. Write inside that journal your goals, dreams, how you feel, anything you consider important and also the unimportant trivial thing in life.

Life is an experiment and Thomas Edison quoted “ I haven’t failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that do not work” keep moving forward  despite any failures or difficult situations and aim  to follow the path of mastery.

  • My last bit of advice to someone wanting to begin the entrepreneur journey will be to encourage him/ her to

build an honest and heart open  relationship with God as he will enlighten the path for you to continue  your journey and life calling even in the midst of stormy and dark times.

D & C 103:36 “ All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness and prayers of faith”

 Don’t let your business run your life, listen to the people around you and learn to ask questions and learn to hear the answer to your questions. 

  • Some words of advice, direction, or caution would I leave here today.

Learn to manage life with the time we have is important. Don’t put in peril your  health, emotional level and your family at risk for the persuasion of unclear ventures. Always act with caution and awareness one small investment at the time as entrepreneurial success is not a set destination but a life journey to be enjoyed. 

Set and define your moral and ethical  guard rails and have them present your entire life, as success approaches you so the temptations and lurking waters of betrayal and immorality; you will be ready to recognized them and move away as quick as possible. Don’t consider them, don’t ponder on them, don’t even make them part of your thought. Discard them immediately and seek refuge in our Heavenly Father for strength and clarity of thought and heart. 

Dream big, have fun, enjoy the journey, spread happiness, help some one of many along the way and help future generations to learn through your life experience.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

A Journey of Gratitude fills our spirit before the continuation of our life travels.



 As we are wrapping up for the semester, the  main topic of this week was A Journey of Gratitude, compile with a full feast of articles with great insights and recommendations for the beginner entrepreneur  as the seasoned and experienced on the field of business ventures.

The video clip on" Avoiding the wrong Job" by Stan Christensen had a power message of encouragement and hope, as to encourage the viewer to find out what are we passionate about and the importance of choosing a job that is fun, and we enjoy. As  a majority of percentage of young graduated students are unable to venture right away in a business entrepreneur after leaving school, and having a firm  and clear visual of what our  long term goals and were we are heading will help to narrow down on a few good selections of jobs  that can help grown on the aspect we are heading toward.


We all at some point had landed on the wrong job or the not so conductive atmosphere that will help us thrive, it can be a difficult description to take as there is financial responsibilities that we have to meet and letting  go of that sense of financial security at times makes us take the wrong description on staying on these types of jobs.

On the other hand Larry North  on the Entrepreneur Hero video clip.

Christensen invites searching for  good mentors and the importance to do such action; learning and absorbing from good mentors will only bring beneficial results to our own personal progress where we have to find ways to implement that knowledge and put it into good use.

I am looking forward to keep implementing on what was learned this semester; I already put into practice some old concepts in this curse and have seen some improvements and this has sparkle new motivation within. I had indeed acquired new skills, this semester has been mind opening to  view my entrepreneurial life with a new and fresh set of eyes, I am now aware of different opportunities and dangers to be alert,  and how to take a curse of action in case presented. The concept of pursuing passion by exploiting my own talents brings more clarity to my over all-purpose and goal in life as individual and professional. Being aware of such talents and skills learned along the path of life had been mastered planned,  offered and presented at the right time and  opportunity thanks to my Heavenly Father and for such the last decision is up to me to acceptor His gift which by accepting such I am also accepting peace and contentment while pursuing my business ventures based on my skills and talents, the financial and monetary rewards do come once the balance is established.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

What is really business for?



    o Based on what you read in the first two pages (pages 3 and 4), why are virtue and integrity so vital to an economy?
The article What’s a Business for? Written by Charles Handy strongly mentions the increase in corruption and frauds in corporations; by keeping a high standard of morality; virtue and and integrity will made a business thrive in a healthy way.  As mention on his article people are natural drawn to do what is right, conceivably the corruption and corporate personal greed has gone so far that new generations may perceived as the normal model and Charles Handy mentions “ Playing the game according to the new rules”  being this the time to pulled back and evaluate our own standards and continue in how our business is running and how can we improve by turning back to the basis of providing a true and honest service to consumers and employees, enabling the door to make responsible decisions and maintaining highly ethical behavior. 
o According to Charles Handy, what is the “real justification” for the existence of businesses?
He mentions that the purpose of a business is to make a profit so that the business can do something more or better; being the “something” the real justification for the existence of the business. 
o What are two solutions proposed by Handy that you agree with? Why?
Business needs to take the lead in areas such as environmental and social sustainability; as is our moral commitment and responsibility as stewards in the care of their planet as a collective group we need to raise conscience and we will see the rewards of natural resources and healthy air and waters reflecting  into our own health improvement; also  the possibility to begin embracing the idea that long work is not necessarily practice in the work area. As productivity has shown in the last decades is not link to long and extensive hours in the place of work. By bringing the stress level down created by long commutes and hours in the place of work the individual can drive in health, problem solving and lead to a more balance and coordinated life. 

Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Attitude on Money - The hiding monster under the rug.


My Attitude on Money

This week as assignments we read Attitude on Money by Stephen W. Gibson. I as the author Stephen W. Gibson share the  similar scope or lenses toward money;  I don’t believe money is evil but does,  when acquired, it emphasizes what the individual already is within; my husband for the contrary his opinion on money is completely seen in a different aspect and this is why some days in our home, money turns into the hiding monster under the rug.

  • What is your attitude toward money?

MY attitude toward money is  it is an instrument to accomplish certain goals, plans, dreams. I had always seen “money” as an exchanging and moving it around. It doesn’t belong to me; as I am only the instrument to reach for it and place  where it needs to be placed for needs or assistance of some sort. 

  What I like most of the money aspect is the freedom of thinking and material worrisome  that liberates you when in the right stage of mind. I had seen productivity flow and great projects had come to fruition when the economical aspect of everyday living is not the first thing in my mind. I know this is sometimes hard to explain to people that live in a day-to-day  basis without  knowing what they will bring to the table next day. One of the programs closed to my heart from the Church is the Self Reliance; this has been some of my favorites since early age and now that I see this same principles expanding to lessons online and apps is such a blessing to the world because is accessible and everyone can benefit of such teachings; such  a blessing to families in so much need to see beyond a scope that is been set from generations past.

 I had seen miracles taking from these lessons and teachings, I had witnessed the power of the Spirit and blessings of heavenly Father when these simple principles are followed with humbleness, faith and discipline.

  • How can your view of money affect the way you live?

I am conscious that we as  family only need so much to live a comfortable life; everything else is on savings or investment; if done properly this can generate enough sustainable income to help you serve and do other things around without worry about everyday first necessities for family or home.

We have a setup budget and when that budget is surpasses, we had learned to talk about its whiteout getting upset or frustrated. This approach  had to be learned as is very difficult in couples at times. The curse of Personal finances from the church helped my husband and I to progress on this aspect as his scope of money is completely different from mine …and that has been the challenge. 

I am teaching my son the basis of managing finances with prudence, managing money does require certain discipline as I had learned throughout my years and  not because income comes in, we must spend it right away. I had created a challenge for my son  to hold on his spending money the longest he can before making a purchase; most of the time that purchase that he expressed wanted so much, that impulsive action vanishes as time passes by while he keeps his money longer; he has the joy to be saving for college and seeing his “teen checking account” get bigger little by little throughout the year as he knows and has the understanding that he can make use of those funds any time. But once spend, they are gone and better be smart on or material  “wants”, “needs” and must to haves in life.  

  • What rules are recommended for prospering?

The article in this week talks about six rules for prospering and when  they are followed, we will feel and see blessings in our life:

Rule 1. Seek the Lord and have hope in him.

Rule2. Keep the commandments, that includes the temporal ones, tithing and fast offerings. 

Rule 3. Think about money and plan how you can become self-reliant.

 Rule 4. Take advantage of chances for learning so you will not be ignorant of these matters. Education, as President Hinckley has taught us, is the Key to Opportunity. 

Rule 5. Learn the laws upon which the blessings of wealth are predicated. 

Rule 6. Do not send away the naked, the hungry, the thirsty or the sick or those who are held captive.

Childhood dreams. Is your inner child still dreaming about what life might be?


    I believe Randy Pausch was able to achieve so many of his childhood dreams because he never stopped believing on them. A childhood dream is born from the heart with the sincerity and innocence of our true soul and identity. Life is harsh and full of unpredictables and if we are not careful  the connection with our childhood dreams gets broken or displaced with every passing day setting us a part from our true desires of our heart and heavenly nature. I  am one of those strange people who hasn’t burry her inner child; I talk to my inner child in a daily basis, I let it play and be silly and let her be the natural jokester she is.  I let my inner child  express her fears and urge her in overcoming her insecurities. Some might call her as part of my split personality, I call her my” inner child”. I believe in dreams and they do come true; I had more than a hand full of experiences to share but I only have 300 words  or so to use for my business class assignment

     When I was 7 years old, my mom would take me to visit my deceased dad’s mom ( My Gramma #1) as I called her, Grandma #1  had in her big Spanish court-yard a very large rounded cage with a scarlet macaw inside. During my visit  she will mark a safety parameter around the cage where I could safely enjoy this magnificent parrot and heard him sign and talk silly words. I wanted to hold him so anxiously but I was never allowed, I was comforted by sitting at the edge of the chalk rim my grandma #1 drew for me and spend long hours just admiring this magnificent bird. I want it one; as a child that young  wanted to have a parrot as beautiful as that one was. Life when on, soon teen and then a young adult I left home to another city … out of state. I found a job and a mentor that will train me in administration and accounting back then where the excel sheets where done by hand. This corporation had three divisions, float fishing, hotel and restaurant.  I was advance to human resources and I was in charge of payroll and taxes of the employees. From time to time I will go down the restaurant area and visit; they had exotic birds; yes; beautiful scarlet macaws and blue and gold and an assortment of amazon parrots. My inner child loved to visit any time we had after our office hours. The owner  noticed my affinity to the parrots and brought one of his macaws to keep me company at my office for the following two years, that beautiful parrot  was my assistant beside my desk. I left my job and city behind  when I got married and moved to USA as my husband is from California; we rented an apartment and for our weekend we will go to the movies but  we would stop by the pet store before entering the movies as it was really closed in the same shopping center. They had the most beautiful blue and gold macaw for sale. The price was exorbitant and we were just happy the owner let us mingle there until one day she was gone. The bird had a new home and I was happy for the parrot but  heart-broken.


    Life in the USA went as fast as we know it can get, getting busy and learning new things. My inner child  kept those parrot memories to herself and didn’t mentioned them for a decade. I had the opportunity to work in an Animal Hospital as a front and back assistant. Years into my new career a woman brought a two days old chick who had been injured and  wanted to put it to sleep. One of the older chicks had mutilated his  toe and he had some skin injuries. Eyes closed this ugly featherless chick demanded food.  We prepared a warm parrot formula and fed him while the doctor talked to the owner. The owner agreed to release the chick to the hospital and we would do our best for the chick to survive.

After the owner left the doctor called me to his office and asked me if I  wanted to take the bird home. He/she needed to be fed every 2 hours and kept warm with latex gloves filled with warm water as the little chick was too tiny for a heating pad  and uneven temperatures could kill her. He told me I could use the facility equipment to keep her int he incubator while I work without any charge. He also mentioned the very low rate for survival he / she had.

Without hesitation I accepted to adopt “ little ugly chicken” that became my precious harlequin macaw.

When my macaw got older and stronger, we  ran a DNA test and turned out  being a female now 27 years old,  she sings, is silly and a brat at times. Loves to get inside the pantry and create a big mess there is she is not caught soon enough.

    I today a total of four rescued parrots now an umbrella cockatoo, African gray, harlequin macaw and a sun conure and they will probably outlive me, I play with them every day by singing and dancing  every day. They bring such joy to my spirit and I am grateful for the opportunity given to finally hold my own large colorful parrot on my arm thanks to the living dream my inner child kept in her heart while I was busy going thru life becoming an adult.



Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dare to dream Big Dreams

 The topic of this week’s class was Dream big Dreams.

Most of us are very familiar with this saying, however do we really believe we are allowed and entitle to really dream big dreams? Many times, we do ourselves and unfavorable self-sabotage, due to lack of confidence or fear. Fear of the unknown or undesirable position that perhaps we already earned and lack the confidence to recognized to ourselves.

The video “ Don’t overestimate yourself’ by Taylor Boats, made me to recapitulate many situations in my past where I found myself doubting of my own talents or accomplishments. I lacked the maturity and confidence to recognize the deserving place I had earned for my dedication and intense labor. Jealousy, envy and criticism made me to withdraw in many of my young dreams as self-doubt got planted during that tender youth era.

I personally remember with awe and disbelief as the video mentions an occasion where I attended an International martial arts championship; the tournament was representing the three countries Canada, USA and Mexico. The participants of the martial art school where the best combat sportsman on the region at that time.

During my youth I belonged to the martial arts academy whom the Instructor was the National President of Martial arts in Mexico and conduct, respect and discipline was expected from all of us, his students. We had to be an example in every single event. In This particular event I was going to participate in the “Katas” which is the forms, I was one of the first one nationally who incorporated music to such martial movements. I was happy with my martial art form collaboration and fighting was not an option as I was really afraid of being hit really hard or even worse be unconscious as I had witness in many tournaments. The problem began when the two women who were going to participate in the combats for this big tournament representing our school did not show. My instructor approached me to let me know I will be participating and representing the school as the only woman in combat.

I wanted to run away but that was not one of my options; I was obedient teenager and raised to obey my teachers and instructors, so I did. I remember going to the restroom to composed myself to my eminent dead as I thought will be, as I return to the dojos, I saw all the contestants and fear in me was palpable. The fights begun and eliminations took place; with the adrenaline going as the fights moved on, is hard to recall in detail but something that stayed in my mind was my instructor telling me that I could win as I had the skills and training, now it was time for me to show the techniques. Needless to say, I moved to finals, by the end of the day of the tournament my uniform was completely shredded by the time of the award I ended holding the second place with only pieces of my uniform; more the 100 fighters participated on a National Level and more that 30 Martial Arts Academies. The experience was surreal as it seems I was observing all this as the spectator. This experience did change me; not only as a sportswoman but as an individual. I never dreamed that big before; my limited perception of ever coming in a place to hold a national trophy on combat was not perceivable until someone leading me believe in me and in my behalf. My instructor knew me from early age, knew my fears and weaknesses, but he concentrated in my potential. My Sensei is no longer in this world, but I had carried his teaching and his philosophy through my entire life and will remain embedded in my heart forever.

I love the scripture 3 nephew 27:27 :” Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am”. This is a promise of love and an assertion from Heavenly Father that Jesus Christ that we have the potential, capacity and gift to become as he is, we just have to work within to be able to reach that promise.

We as parents have the job to nurture, teach and help of children to build their self-confidence, to trust on their potential and to trust on the wonders of self-discovery. Our limited perspective and reality will not let us dream beyond our dreams… we have to trust the process and that possibility of those dream to come reality  exists. We don’t have to know the answers in how we will accomplish those big dreams, Heavenly Father will take care of it, we just have to let ourselves be guided with a pure heart just as children do.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Alpaca colorful rainbow dreadlocks hairdo greeting card

Alpaca colorful rainbow dreadlocks hairdo card; this inspiration for this greeting card was based on a little alpaca picture taken in one of my trip to La Cresta in the Temecula Area California.

In a painterly artistic style I embellished her hairdo in a digital art form.

Alpaca colorful hairdo greeting card  by  Ines Miller Art design. This whimsical alpaca is a fun and colorful  can be personalized with text of your choice.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Digging deeper thru the vault of incessantly business ideas to select the best one ever yet.


 We are in week 8 in our business class and this week the video of Acton Hero David Carrington was very inspiring and eye-opener by the fact of mentioning the importance to indagate, investigate and to do more search about the best ideas for business the can come up or find out before narrowing down our description of launching a business or proceed with a next business endeavor. As he mentions in this video most ideas are still up there, hidden as it takes time to bring them to the spotlight, and taking control of impulsive business forming decisions will lead to narrow down to our best selection with the most profitable outcome. Keeping our morality intact and always present should be crucial when involving in our business description, as some opportunistic advantageous choices may be tempted we need to think ahead, recap about our moral rails and get back to our thru nature and calling for our service on this earth without hurting or taking advantage of people or situations that could arise in our entrepreneur career.

I love the concept of the Five Why’s  by Eric Ries to approach one challenge or problem at a time, if we indicate with more detail, we find out those technical problems most likely will be linked to a personnel problem. 

Many situations exist in how to manage and run a business but if we contribute to follow our true calling and the connection with our Heavenly Father is always in tune and open on our behalf the mission and purpose of our goals can prevent us and alert us when any Business endeavor is running our life instead of being us, the ones running our business; by keeping our priorities present at all times we can avoid being dragged thru this strong current of parallel circumstances. Avoiding the perils due to circumstances by not having any other option but to take clients or customers that we don’t feel comfortable with or we don’t like only because we need the income for the business to survive and dim our light and spirit in the long run. Careful research, analysis, digging deeper, and praying can lead us to the correct answer even though at times that answer received from heaven does not run parallel to our expectations or earthly desires, to count with an openness of spirit, humility to accept what is being sent by Heavenly Father will lead us to the road design for us, our family and our spiritual progress as We just need to trust in the process.

Many situations exist in how to manage and run a business but if we contribute to follow our true calling and the connection with our Heavenly Father is always in tune and open on our behalf the mission and purpose of our goals can prevent us and alert us when any Business endeavor is running our life instead of being us, the ones running our business; by keeping our priorities present at all times we can avoid being dragged thru this strong current of parallel circumstances. Avoiding the perils due to circumstances by not having any other option but to take clients or customers that we don’t feel comfortable with or we don’t like only because we need the income for the business to survive and dim our light and spirit in the long run. Careful research, analysis, digging deeper, and praying can lead us to the correct answer even though at times that answer received from heaven does not run parallel to our expectations or earthly desires, to count with an openness of spirit, humility to accept what is being sent by Heavenly Father will learn us to the road design for us, our family and our spiritual progress as We just need to trust in the process.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Poinsettia Spanish Greeting Cards Christmas cards. Feliz Navidad tarjeta de Pascua Nochebuena Holiday Card


Red poinsettia ornate holiday greeting card - Ines Miller art designs. 

This design is available in my Zazzle online store, you can personalize with your own message or share the one inside the greeting card.

The verse is available in English and Spanish.

“ Esta es la temporada en que nuestros pensamientos se llenan

Con aquellos mas cercanos a nuestro corazón y les hacemos

Saber lo tan importante que son para nosotros.

 Que el espíritu de la temporada prevalezca con usted y

Su familia a traves de todo el ano”.

“ This is the season we fill our thoughts. With

Those close to our heart and let them know

How much we care. 

May the spirit of the season prevail with

You through the year”.

Spanish Greeting Cards Christmas cards. 

Feliz Navidad tarjeta de Pascua Nochebuena Holiday Card

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Angel feather from high above inspirations courrage greeting card. Ines Miller greeting card desings.


Greeting card angel feather from God above inspirational card.

Angel's Feather from God above Inspirational Uplifting Blank Paper Card may be personalized with logo or phrase of choice -please contact Artist Ines Miller directly for more information.

Inside Verse:

An Angel’s feather from high above

A sweet reminder of God’s love.

Trials come to our lives and

Today you may not see the light,

But up in heaven angels are watching over you and lending a loving hand.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Autumn Surreal art pumpkin man tuxedo cat flying kite, vampire bat autumn leaves - Ines Miller Art.
Autumn Surreal art pumpkin man tuxedo cat flying kite, vampire bat autumn leaves - Ines Miller Art.
Born from a corner of my imagination and presented for your delight. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Week 7 Moving Forward with a Driving Passion


This week we viewed as part of our lesson Jim Ritchie video clip where he mentions the 7 Habits of Highly effective people written by Stephen R. Covey which are:

1.Be proactive

2.Begin with the end in mind

3.First things First

4.Think “win-win”

5.First seek to understand, then to be understood

6.Create Synergy

7.Sharpen the Saw

Which of the 7 habits has the most meaning for me?

The first habit mentioned “Be proactive” has more significance, personally because I lack this practice as most of my life, I had been reactive, getting easily sidetracked and on many occasions not thinking about the proper answer or action taken because I failed in taking the time to analyze the situation. I will love to work on this aspect of my personal and professional area.

Why will the 7 habits help you fill your life with passion and purpose as I seek to achieve both a private and public victory?

Practicing these 7 habits and incorporating them into my personal life will help me to gain focus, certainly, in my goals and projects I wish to accomplish. To find our passion in this earth is our primordial duty in our life, to accomplish any goal or personal development. If we align our passion with our goal, monetary success will come. Searching within ourselves how can we serve humanity, what can we do to help people based on our talents, skills, and passion and create a business plan based on those findings will be the ultimate goal as business success as personal fulfillment will most likely come hand to hand.

A powerful inspiring talk by our prophet Gordon B Hinckley, reminding us to keep true to ourselves and always remember our divine path and mission as an eternal being, to always remember to walk our moral standards and do good around us, to remember our commitment to heavenly father and to be an example and help others in our path. Being prepared and taking advantage of secular learning as times are already changing, the speech was offered in 2015 and now we are witnessing many things told on that talk coming to pass as people losing their jobs, the need to prepare in other skills and careers, evil openly and unmask for the youth. My favorite remark on this talk was when he mentions “ Forgiveness is a mark of divinity” I may have to create a plaque and hang it in my studio. I hope someday to be able to forgive completely and forgive myself as well in the process.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

African Grey Parrot Paper Greeting Cards Age Specific - Congo African Grey Parrot - Ines Miller Art Designs

African grey parrots, are one of the smartest and talkative feathery friends and are an Old-World parrot in the family Psittacidae. Their inquisitive spirit makes them a joy to interact with.

 I created this congo cfrican grey greeting card design with parrot owners in mind, inside the greeting card inscription reads:

“Well, I didn't get you a screaming parrot…So, You should have a-rockin' squawkin' and  great flappin' fun. Happy Birthday!”

You can find this African grey card from the simple plain parrot design to the age specific.


Card with polka dot border original parrot card design by Ines Miller. Greeting Card may be personalized for invitation, announcement, name or phrase of your choice. Add your own photo or company logo contact Artist directly  if you have any questions or inquiries.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Reflection on week 6 and my entrepreneurial mind.



My entry this time is based on reflection upon this week and to describe my individual learning experiences.

We view several concepts on entrepreneurship such as preparing ourselves for eternal life, acquiring self-discipline, self-control and mastery, the concept of perception on becoming an entrepreneur, career and family, the importance to remember, and keep our loyalty to God and family, and more. In the middle of that treasure chest full of information gems, there is A great article written by Amar Bhide in “How entrepreneurs craft”. The article resonates with me as I am more intrepid than my husband when comes to description making; This article points many aspects which I had done in one way or another.

I am quick to evaluate and if something feels good, I will proceed and do it. That has carried me to many unsuccessful ventures, very surprising outcomes, and troubles that could have avoided otherwise. Despite all those many unsuccessful ventures my husband has never stopped me to continue venturing into small business opportunities. I would like to have a budget establish for these ventures which I probably call it “ Play money” A financial savings that do not interfere with our family budget and child responsibilities, as I see business opportunities in every situation perhaps most of them are not fructiferous or the perfect candidates for a long-established venue but I keep these ideas coming in my mind and write them in my journal. Analysis and strategy are a must, the importance to keep ethical and morally high standards at any given moment in our personal life and business ventures.

  • What are you looking forward to learning and experiencing?

I love learning new things, this class has been so much fun for me and the amount of information taken from this curse has forever changed my life. I guess started my life backward but it has been a wonderful life.  This year I will turn 50, half of a century to get to this stage in life. I had decided to pursued college in a long path of many years ahead due to family, work, and everything else in between but I want to take the “gift” Heavenly Father has set in front of me; I want to be awe and surprise by the discovery of new concepts never perceived before and to apply them to improve in my personal life and business aspects.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Is there any easy way to organize all these ideas?


The books I had read last week for my business class assignment  are of incredible information with the potential to cause an extraordinary transformation within if the opportunity to change is taken; the two books read are Mastery by George Leonard and "Launching Leaders" book written by Steven A. Hintz I had made many notes, and highlight many areas in the books that resonate with me.

By going thru the words of these two books I confirm to myself about my calling, my passion in life, and my purpose of my existence on this earth as I had always resonated around animals and art and I have been blessed thru the years to be able to work in both fields for three decades now. However, there are still unending goals of service and give back that I feel are not yet accomplish due to lack of preparation, dedication, or focus;  I can merge those three concepts will be my ultimate goal. Not having any ideas or having too many ideas I guess can be either way can be catalepsy for stress. Centering oneself, become in unity with our essence can help us to find our center, that balance in our existence that has the divine gift leads us to set our plan strategically.

Faith and courage to find our entrepreneurial calling, perseverance is the secret to our success. No matter life storms, trials, and heartaches we must be committed to continuing our journey to reach our calling.

 Living every moment of our life in a meaningful way after all, the purpose of our goals  is not the final destination but the transformation that goes thru in us in the process. And the same way we found role models in our path we must give back and be a role model to the new generations and so our service here on this beautiful planet has completed its spiritual growth circle 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Untangling myself from that sticky web and do what I love. 

 In the video assignment this week “ Do what you love: speaker Tom Kelley mentions the practice and habit of using a lab workbook, I like the practice of recording when do I feel my best. I want to go back into those writing and study when I felt the happiest by starting documenting those moments will lead me to simplify my life in a more grounded and balanced way to my spiritual nature. This is indeed a practice that I am implementing in my writing. 


Doing what I love …this may seem a simple concept to follow but why so many of us are so far away from our own life calling? How do we get tangle into the trap of an invisible sticky web away from our dream goal? 

Considering the main strains is the financial aspect of my living style, I need to eliminate all that unnecessary tangibles I have been surrounding my life with that had brought neither happiness nor comfort nor betterment in any way or form. 

The talk “Happy Living within our means” from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a sincere invitation of truly living within our means and enjoying the freedom financially and spiritually this practice creates, this article has so much to teach us as we adopt this simple guide and take those principles into action in our own lives, will bless us if we follow the simple concept.


This week was a fulfilling week with powerful reading assignments, pondering and self-analyzing if I am on the right track aligned with my dreams, goals, and spiritual nature. So am I living a congruent life? After finish this week assignments makes me come to the realization I am far from the goal I would love to be and be an example to my family; it's been a blessing all the knowledge and overwhelming as well, so many written notes are  making their way to my jouney notebook, lots of praying and pondering. 

 In the "Launching Leaders" book written by Steven A. Hintz He mentioned taking control of your life.

Hardship and unexpected trials help us to stop and take control of our life.

Many times we feel a sense of false insecurity blanket in the situation or jobs that we are without making any effort to change or progress until we are forced to do some action due to a sudden and drastic change happening around us. By renewing our r faith and commitment to god by shifting our perspective.

Learning and accepting that God will move us from our comfort One at any given time so we can continue our progress and flourish in the goals we are supposed to accomplish; we need to be ready and aware to recognized such opportunity and take the challenge. 


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