Sunday, December 13, 2020

Entrepreneurial Journal reflection for this Semester.

Closing our semester this week, it has been an incredible journey and wide opening experience as we touch every weekly assignment, planting the seed of entrepreneurial knowledge, risk, tactics and more. If I had one final lecture to share with a group of students on what I had learned from this curse I will share the following.

Keeping the habit of documenting your life journey; adopting this practice of keeping a journal  will allow you to look into a mirror, your own reflection, your own life and growth. Mirrors don’t lie and neither does your documented thoughts and growth. Write inside that journal your goals, dreams, how you feel, anything you consider important and also the unimportant trivial thing in life.

Life is an experiment and Thomas Edison quoted “ I haven’t failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that do not work” keep moving forward  despite any failures or difficult situations and aim  to follow the path of mastery.

  • My last bit of advice to someone wanting to begin the entrepreneur journey will be to encourage him/ her to

build an honest and heart open  relationship with God as he will enlighten the path for you to continue  your journey and life calling even in the midst of stormy and dark times.

D & C 103:36 “ All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness and prayers of faith”

 Don’t let your business run your life, listen to the people around you and learn to ask questions and learn to hear the answer to your questions. 

  • Some words of advice, direction, or caution would I leave here today.

Learn to manage life with the time we have is important. Don’t put in peril your  health, emotional level and your family at risk for the persuasion of unclear ventures. Always act with caution and awareness one small investment at the time as entrepreneurial success is not a set destination but a life journey to be enjoyed. 

Set and define your moral and ethical  guard rails and have them present your entire life, as success approaches you so the temptations and lurking waters of betrayal and immorality; you will be ready to recognized them and move away as quick as possible. Don’t consider them, don’t ponder on them, don’t even make them part of your thought. Discard them immediately and seek refuge in our Heavenly Father for strength and clarity of thought and heart. 

Dream big, have fun, enjoy the journey, spread happiness, help some one of many along the way and help future generations to learn through your life experience.

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