Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Child with yellow raincoat on wooden deck- ducks on lake painting Small original painting 5X7 for sale

 Small original painting  5X7 done in acrylics.

 “ Friends at the Lake” 

Morning at the lake small child on yellow raincoat greeting his two duck friends.

Friendship comes in many forms and this small painting depicts the serenity on a wold where is so much needed nowadays.

Acrylic painting 

Size 5”X7” canvas panel

Year born 2021

Cost $45.00

Shipping $4.50

Child on rain coat

Child on lake dock

Water dock child and ducks

Yellow rain coat child and ducks

Child on Raincoat and water boots on deck 

Purple mist lake river 

Swimming ducks pair child on dock

Kid on his yellow raincoat

Early misty purple morning river ducks

Odd friendship

New friends ducks couple and child

5X7 painting panel

Original painting by Ines Miller

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