Saturday, December 12, 2020

A Journey of Gratitude fills our spirit before the continuation of our life travels.



 As we are wrapping up for the semester, the  main topic of this week was A Journey of Gratitude, compile with a full feast of articles with great insights and recommendations for the beginner entrepreneur  as the seasoned and experienced on the field of business ventures.

The video clip on" Avoiding the wrong Job" by Stan Christensen had a power message of encouragement and hope, as to encourage the viewer to find out what are we passionate about and the importance of choosing a job that is fun, and we enjoy. As  a majority of percentage of young graduated students are unable to venture right away in a business entrepreneur after leaving school, and having a firm  and clear visual of what our  long term goals and were we are heading will help to narrow down on a few good selections of jobs  that can help grown on the aspect we are heading toward.


We all at some point had landed on the wrong job or the not so conductive atmosphere that will help us thrive, it can be a difficult description to take as there is financial responsibilities that we have to meet and letting  go of that sense of financial security at times makes us take the wrong description on staying on these types of jobs.

On the other hand Larry North  on the Entrepreneur Hero video clip.

Christensen invites searching for  good mentors and the importance to do such action; learning and absorbing from good mentors will only bring beneficial results to our own personal progress where we have to find ways to implement that knowledge and put it into good use.

I am looking forward to keep implementing on what was learned this semester; I already put into practice some old concepts in this curse and have seen some improvements and this has sparkle new motivation within. I had indeed acquired new skills, this semester has been mind opening to  view my entrepreneurial life with a new and fresh set of eyes, I am now aware of different opportunities and dangers to be alert,  and how to take a curse of action in case presented. The concept of pursuing passion by exploiting my own talents brings more clarity to my over all-purpose and goal in life as individual and professional. Being aware of such talents and skills learned along the path of life had been mastered planned,  offered and presented at the right time and  opportunity thanks to my Heavenly Father and for such the last decision is up to me to acceptor His gift which by accepting such I am also accepting peace and contentment while pursuing my business ventures based on my skills and talents, the financial and monetary rewards do come once the balance is established.

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