Friday, October 9, 2020

Untangling myself from that sticky web and do what I love. 

 In the video assignment this week “ Do what you love: speaker Tom Kelley mentions the practice and habit of using a lab workbook, I like the practice of recording when do I feel my best. I want to go back into those writing and study when I felt the happiest by starting documenting those moments will lead me to simplify my life in a more grounded and balanced way to my spiritual nature. This is indeed a practice that I am implementing in my writing. 


Doing what I love …this may seem a simple concept to follow but why so many of us are so far away from our own life calling? How do we get tangle into the trap of an invisible sticky web away from our dream goal? 

Considering the main strains is the financial aspect of my living style, I need to eliminate all that unnecessary tangibles I have been surrounding my life with that had brought neither happiness nor comfort nor betterment in any way or form. 

The talk “Happy Living within our means” from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a sincere invitation of truly living within our means and enjoying the freedom financially and spiritually this practice creates, this article has so much to teach us as we adopt this simple guide and take those principles into action in our own lives, will bless us if we follow the simple concept.


This week was a fulfilling week with powerful reading assignments, pondering and self-analyzing if I am on the right track aligned with my dreams, goals, and spiritual nature. So am I living a congruent life? After finish this week assignments makes me come to the realization I am far from the goal I would love to be and be an example to my family; it's been a blessing all the knowledge and overwhelming as well, so many written notes are  making their way to my jouney notebook, lots of praying and pondering. 

 In the "Launching Leaders" book written by Steven A. Hintz He mentioned taking control of your life.

Hardship and unexpected trials help us to stop and take control of our life.

Many times we feel a sense of false insecurity blanket in the situation or jobs that we are without making any effort to change or progress until we are forced to do some action due to a sudden and drastic change happening around us. By renewing our r faith and commitment to god by shifting our perspective.

Learning and accepting that God will move us from our comfort One at any given time so we can continue our progress and flourish in the goals we are supposed to accomplish; we need to be ready and aware to recognized such opportunity and take the challenge. 


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